We invite you to join a multi-sensory journey through Japan. At the 2018 JapanFest, you will be able to "Experience Japan" in a whole new way. Engage all SIX senses through interactive  performances, demonstrations, workshops, and more!  

JapanFest, now in its 32nd year, typically draws crowds exceeding 20,000. It is the largest Japanese festival in the Southeast. Organized by JapanFest, Inc., JapanFest celebrates Japanese culture as it promotes understanding between Japanese and Americans in the Southeast. Tickets are $10 on-line and $12 on-site. Children age 6 or younger may attend for free. Teachers can bring their students to JapanFest for free by applying online at www.japanfest.org. Larger organizations can save money by purchasing advanced ticket packages online.

The theme of this year's festival is the four seasons of Japan. 
The beauty of the four seasons is an important part of Japanese culture. Each season has its own distinct food, flowers, and festivals, and at this year's JapanFest, we will highlight the flavor of each season for visitors to enjoy.

  • Cuisine – Attendees can sample seasonal foods from over 15 different authentic Japanese food vendors and sake vendors.

  • Activities – The Children’s Area, Theme Street and Ginza Dori will offer an array of games, activities, and other opportunities for children and adults to experience Japanese holidays and festivals that are deeply rooted in the seasons.

  • Workshops – Workshops about Haiku and Ikebana, as well as seasonal japanese fashion will be scheduled throughout the days, available to enjoy for the price of admission.

  • Decorations – This year we have taken extra consideration to make the event space look and feel more festive with a variety of seasonally inspired decorations.

  • Performances – We offer a full line up of guest performers who will perform a variety of Japanese music, theater, and dance, chosen with the seasons in mind. Our featured performer is the Nomura Kyogen Group, master Kyogen performers who will be making their American debut at JapanFest! Other performers include Samurai Sword Soul of Yoshi Amao and his troupe of martial arts performers; Motoko the storyteller, Kyle Abbott and Mike Penny shamisen artists; Iwami Kagura folk dancers; and Matsuriza Taiko. Dancers include both traditional and modern Japanese dance, as well as traditional Okinawan dance. All are invited to join in the spirited Bon dance! 

The Japan-America Society of Georgia will have various Japanese goods, t-shirts, temporary tattoos, and more; the Ginza-dori, organized by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Georgia and named after Tokyo's famous shopping district, will feature Japanese ceramics, traditional Japanese clothing and accessories and fun items such as masks and toys; at the Bazaar on Sunday organized by the Georgia Japanese Language School you will find books and household goods. Traditional Okinawan items will also be available.

Kids will have a fantastic time experiencing Japanese culture firsthand. In our Children’s Area, they can make their own Japanese tops, and the Suburban Atlanta Kite Enthusiasts will be on hand to teach them how to make a Japanese kite. The Ginza Dori shopping arcade has tons of games and activities for kids as well, such as ring toss, water yo-yos, Japanese toys, and more! They can even take part in carrying the o-mikoshi, a traditional Japanese portable shrine.

Many of the approximately 600 Japanese companies based in Georgia will display their products in the Made in Georgia exhibition. Interactive exhibits include the latest in Japanese technology, such as automobiles, tractors, and electronics.

JapanFest features the best of Japanese cuisine in Atlanta! Local Japanese restaurants will offer a tantalizing menu of roll sushi, bento boxes, ramen noodles, takoyaki, shaved ice, curry rice, yakisoba, torikaraage, and more!

JapanFest is not possible without the help of over 200 volunteers. To fill out an application, please visit www.japanfest.org. For more information, call 404-842-0736 or visit




The mission of JapanFest is to improve understanding and appreciation of linkages between Japanese and Americans residing in the Southeastern United States through an annual salute to Japanese culture and friendship entitled JapanFest. This celebration will promote multicultural education, encourage social harmony, and ensure the cultural integrity of JapanFest by providing an appropriate mix of authentic contemporary and traditional programs on Japanese art and culture. Activities include a wide variety of performing arts, demonstrations, hands-on workshops, and exhibitions. These grassroots efforts are coordinated by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Georgia and The Japan-America Society of Georgia, and implemented by a host of community volunteers. JapanFest is committed to organizing a self-sustaining event, supported in part by non-Japanese Chamber of Commerce and non-Japan-America Society of Georgia members, and provides meaningful financial support to educational endeavors in Georgia.


What is now referred to as "JapanFest" began in 1981 as Japan Week, a biannual series of Japan-related cultural events organized by the Consulate-General of Japan that took place around the city of Atlanta. In 1986, the name was changed to JapanFest, and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Georgia, the Japan America Society of Georgia, and the Consulate General of Japan organized their own events under the title of JapanFest. In 1993, the first Picnic and Sports Day was held at Mercer University. In 1995, Picnic and Sports Day became Japan Day at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. In 1996, JapanFest moved to Stone Mountain Park and became an annual event. In 1997, JapanFest, Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit corporation. In 2012, JapanFest had over 17,000 attendees, making JapanFest the largest Japanese festival south of Washington, DC and east of Houston, TX.


JapanFest was selected as a Top 20 Event by the Southeast Tourism Society in 2003, 2010, and 2011 and was a 2004 recipient of the Certificate of Commendation on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of US-Japan relations from former Japanese Foreign Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi for its contributions to the friendship and goodwill between Japan and the United States.

The Japan-America Society of Georgia, Inc.

is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located

 in Atlanta, Georgia with the mission

 to promote the mutual understanding 

between the people of Japan and

the State of Georgia

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